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Guangzhou Tontile Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. with many years’of development and improvement, it is now a large-scale comprehensive company with the combination of design, research, development, production, sales and after-sale service which is modern, professional and international.

The demonstration hall with more than 10 thousand square meters provides more convenience to your one-stop shopping and the manufacturing factory with nearly ten thousand square meters provides forceful guarantee for the quality of the product.

Tontile offers an extensive array of commercial kitchen equipment,commercial refrigerator and restaurant equipment supplies ranging from restaurant smallwares to heavy-duty equipment. Tontile's main products are: cooking equipment, refrigeration products, food preparation machinery, bakery equipment, kitchen tool, restaurant furniture, housekeeping,Ceramic Tableware,Glassware and so on.

In other words,Tontile will provide most of hotel supplies and meet your requirement!

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